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Getting Started – Quick Start Guide


Charge Cap with the included charger for an hour to fully charge

Lift up on the yellow pull tab to find the charging accessories located under the support base.


Register and Login to the app to start connecting to the app.

Follow the on-boarding steps in the app to get started. 



* Visit MANUAL in the app menu for more detailed instructions


Place the Cap on your head and press the yellow bluetooth icon on the app Treatment page.

Next, under Settings press connect to REVIAN RED. Once connected press play to begin your 10-minute treatment.


A front sensor awakens the cap and must have a snug fit against the forehead in order to operate. Use the included rear headliner pads to adjust the fit. Remove & replace only the rear headliner to adjust the fit.


The Cap comes with front standard and back 10mm headliners installed as illustrated below. The Cap should not be loose enough that it falls off the head with ease, nor should it fit too tightly. A proper fitting Cap is an important step for a reliable treatment.

Note: Light emitting area (emission aperture) shown above. Applied Part.



A sensor detects when the Cap is on the head. If the Cap needs adjustment, remove the 10mm back headliner from the headliner dots. If loose, replace with the optional 20 or 30mm back headliner. If tight, replace with the optional standard back headliner.


Fit test: press the Cap against your forehead. If a pinky finger can still fit between the Cap and the back of your head, then the Cap is too loose and you will need replace with thicker headliner.


This section summarizes the most common problems users could potentially encounter with the REVIAN System. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information provided below, please read the complete Instructions for Use or contact customer service.

Messages and sound signals during use

The mobile app will display messages on occasion. These will appear as direct messages or icons in the mobile app.

App Messages

“Check Bluetooth”

This message appears when Bluetooth needs to be turned on, connected, or is scanning.

“Scanning for Devices”

This message appears when Bluetooth is scanning to find the Cap.

“Please put Your Cap Back On”

This message appears when the Cap has been removed or is not detected by the biosensor.

“Connect to the Internet for more treatments”

This message appears when the mobile app has not been connected via Wi-Fi or Cellular in more than 7 calendar days to allow data transfer.

“New Firmware Available”

This message appears when the mobile app has not been connected via Wi-Fi or Cellular in more than 7 calendar days to allow data transfer.

“Firmware Needs to be Updated”

This message appears when the mobile app has not been connected via Wi-Fi or Cellular in more than 7 calendar days to allow data transfer.

“Firmware Update Successful”

This message appears if the update was successful.

There are specific messages that will appear as an alert if the mobile app is not performing properly.

“The Cap needs to cool down”

This message appears – with a temperature warning icon – when the temperature exceeds the maximum allowable operating temperature.

“Battery Low. Treatment not possible.”

This message appears, with a battery icon, when the battery is too low to perform a treatment and needs to be charged. This can occur prior to or during a treatment.

“Firmware Update Failed.”

This message appears when there is a problem updating the firmware. The firmware will automatically resolve the problem and attempt to update again.

There are five different audible tones that will be heard when certain actions take place.

General Troubleshooting

The mobile app is being non-responsive to commands

Possible Cause: The mobile app was left open or in an unknown state from the previous time it was used.
Solution: Swipe up and close out of the mobile app and relaunch it.

Possible Cause: iOS or Android device needs to be updated.
Solution: Update your mobile device.

The Cap has successfully paired and has been properly placed on the head, but a treatment will not start

Possible Cause: The Cap sensor doesn’t detect the Cap as being positioned correctly on the head (App “Place the Cap on Head” pop-up message is shown).
Solution: Reposition the Cap on the head.

Possible Cause: The mobile device has not connected to the internet while the mobile app has been in use for more than seven calendar days.
Solution: Connect the mobile device to the internet while the mobile app is in use.

The Cap is not pairing with the mobile device

Possible Cause: Bluetooth is not enabled on your mobile device.
Solution: Enable Bluetooth on mobile device.

Possible Cause: The mobile device has connected to another Bluetooth device, and not the Cap.
Solution: Check mobile device settings and ensure device isn’t already paired with another device. Smart watches may need to be put in airplane mode. Close the “Manage Caps” in “Settings” page and reopen to rescan once other bluetooth devices disabled.

Possible Cause: The mobile app is not scanning for the Cap.
Solution: Force the mobile app to scan for the Cap by tapping “Manage Caps” in “Settings” page.

Warranty & Returns

Can I return my REVIAN order?

We are committed to your satisfaction but because REVIAN RED is a medical device, no returns or exchanges are permitted of any device that has been used or in a package that has been opened.

If you purchased from Revian inc. and wish to return a new, unopened, never used device in the original undamaged packaging within 10 days of purchase, contact REVIAN at www.revian.com/support to submit a return request. All returns must be authorized by REVIAN prior to receipt. Once a return is authorized, REVIAN will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and provide instructions on how to return your device. A refund, net of shipping costs, will be made to the credit card you used to pay for your purchase. Failure to comply with the instructions on how to return your device could result in delays in processing and potentially refusal of the refund.

Limited Warranty

The Company warrants that this Device will be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery. The Company does not warrant that the operation of the Device will be error-free or uninterrupted. The user is responsible for the proper maintenance and handling of the Device. No warranty is extended to any Device that has been altered, physically damaged or modified in any way. The limited warranty does not cover problems caused by user acts (or failures to act), the acts of others or event(s) beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

If Device fails to meet the warranty set forth above, then the Company will, at its option, either (i) repair the defective Device, (ii) provide a free replacement Device or replacement parts. Any replacement Device or part will be comparable in function but may not be identical to the original. The replacement or repaired Device is warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

If the Device or any component thereof is defective or otherwise does not function properly within the Limited Warranty period (as defined above), contact the Company at www.revian.com/support to submit a Warranty claim. All returns must be authorized by the Company prior to receipt. Once a return is authorized, the Company will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and provide instructions on how to return the Device.


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