REVIAN Headliner Replacement Kit – 20MM

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Your REVIAN RED System came with a universal headliner kit to figure out what size was needed to fit you just right. So, having chosen the best headliner fit for you, standard, 10mm, 20mm or 30mm your Cap fit just right. If you have lost the headliners you have or need a replacement for sanitary reasons this 3-pack replacement kit is for you.  Have confidence your Cap will fit comfortably again, and you can resume your comfortable treatments quickly. The standard back headliner is the thinnest headliner available and matches the front headliner in thickness. REVIAN recommends replacing headliners every 90 days to maintain the correct fit and cleanliness.

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  • Quantity:
    • 3-Back Headliners- Standard (~20mm)
    • 3-Front Headliner- Standard (~3mm)
  • Headliner Material: Hypoallergenic Black wicking UBL fabric covered foam