REVIAN Headliner Replacement Kit – Universal

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We get it, we’re not all the same size. That’s why we’ve removed the worry! This kit includes one of each headliner that originally came with your REVIAN RED System. Order this kit if you aren’t sure about which size might fit you best and want to try multiple sizes again. Have confidence your Cap will fit comfortably again, and you can resume your comfortable treatments quickly. Once you find that right size of back headliners, future kit replacements for wear can be purchased in 3-packs so you will always have new headliners when you need them.

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  • Contents:
    • 1-Back Headliner- Standard (~3mm)
    • 1-Back Headliner- 10mm
    • 1-Back Headliner- 20mm
    • 1- Back Headliner- 30mm
    • 1-Front Headliner- Standard
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Black wicking UBL fabric covered foam

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