Smart App + Wireless Cap. Just 10 Minutes a Day.


In just 10 minutes a day, our smart app gives you total control of your treatment, right from the palm of your hand. You decide when to start or pause your treatment. Get helpful calendar reminders to make sure you never miss a scheduled treatment. Finally, track your progress and see your success by reviewing past treatment milestone photos in your Gallery.

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Powerful Technology That Keeps You on Track.

Place the Cap on your head and open the REVIAN app.

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To connect to your cap, press the yellow (Bluetooth) icon displayed on the treatment screen.

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Once connected, press the play icon to start your 10-minute treatment.

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Now, sit back and relax as you complete your treatment.

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Take a look at the Revian Cap.

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MLT – Precise Intensity, Doses and Wavelengths of Light.

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Modulated Light Therapy is a patent-pending technology that enhances natural healing by targeting biochemical processes in your scalp. These precise wavelengths of light unlock the body’s natural responses to accelerate healing and renew the cells that grow hair.

Download the Revian App today to learn more.

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Precise Light and Technology to Regrow Hair.


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