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The first and only FDA-cleared all-LED hair loss solution for men & women, clinically proven to grow more hair in less time than other hair loss treatments.

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See real results with REVIAN RED


Mike Revian user since 2019

“Not only have I seen significant regrowth, but the hair that I have is much thicker.”


Bridget Revian user since 2020

“I’m so satisfied that I just bought my son, my mom, and my boyfriend’s mom their own caps.”


Bill Revian user since 2020

“With regular daily use it really pays off and the hair starts to grow back.”


Chloe Revian user since 2020

“Consistency of using REVIAN has truly made a positive difference in my hair growth.”


Cindy Revian user since 2020

“I used my REVIAN cap faithfully for 10 min a day as prescribed and am so pleased.”


Marsha Revian user since 2019

“I’m not going to have to spend an hour and a half on how to hide bald spots.”


Avery Revian user since 2020

“It has regrew my hair better than any other product I have tried.”


Linda Revian user since 2020

“Improvements were noted within 8 weeks. I plan to continue to use it daily.”


John Revian user since 2019

“Results after 30 days (in my pictures) are crazy.”


Brian Revian user since 2021

“After trying it, I too have had some positive outcomes. Definitely recommend.”


Susanne Revian user since 2021

“Around the 10-month mark, I started to notice a few things: my hair was SO much thicker and where I part my hair, I was seeing new growth”


Rob Revian user since 2020

“I’m 42, tried Rogaine for about a year (hated it), finally feel comfortable buzzing my hair again.”


Catherine Revian user since 2020

“I noticed a difference at 4 months, and now, my hair is twice as thick, and I lose a lot less hair.”


Jake Revian user since 2020

“I have been using REVIAN now for 17 months. The results for me have been way beyond what I expected. The results speak for themselves.”


David Revian user since 2021

“I ordered REVIAN and have been pleased. REVIAN has definitely improved my hair coverage. ”


Lauretta Revian user since 2021

“My hair stopped falling out and has regrown to its original thickness”


Sharon Revian user since 2019

“The amount of new hair growth has been astonishing. I will continue to use the cap daily.”

Clinically proven to grow more hair faster

REVIAN is an all-natural hair loss solution, clinically proven to stop hair loss, grow healthy new hair, and improve volume & appearance.

Our patented hair rejuvenation therapy harnesses the power of light to address the three main factors of hair loss, unlocking the body’s natural ability to accelerate healing and renew the cells that grow hair.

How it works

Why choose REVIAN?




Everything in one place in the REVIAN app

In just 10-minutes-a-day, our advanced LED light therapy pairs with the REVIAN mobile app to activate and manage your treatments to give you total control in the palm of your hand.

As the only app-controlled treatment solution on the market, we’ve proven that the more you use the app, the more success you will see.

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Set reminders

Set and edit reminders for your daily treatments

View history

View activity history and compliance percentage

Record progress

Track your progress by adding photo entries

Medical grade LED technology

The use of medical grade LEDs delivers the same output of lasers but provides uniform light coverage over the entire scalp. Our lightweight, cordless cap gives you complete freedom of movement during treatment so you can fit it anywhere in your lifestyle.

Greater coverage

Provides uniform light therapy coverage

50,000 hours

50,000 hours of LED light lifetime

Dual wavelengths

Combination of two wavelengths of LED light (620 nm and 660 nm)

The Revian Red full set

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System

  • Backed by our 6-month, 100% money back guarantee
  • Trusted by over 1,000 physicians across the United States
  • $0 down, 0% APR financing available at checkout

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