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The Right Light for Hair Growth™

In just 10 minutes-a-day, our convenient at-home therapy utilizes a patented combination of powerful red (660nm) and orange light (620nm) – the Right Light – clinically proven to grow more hair in less time than other hair loss products.


Very little has changed in red light therapy for hair loss in 30 years…until REVIAN. Since 2018, REVIAN’s modulated light therapy has significantly improved on the old, and introduced a new and better approach to red light therapy. Here’s why:

Behind the Science

The right

Yes, TWO wavelengths. Red is great, but Orange makes it better. Only REVIAN’s patented combination of red and orange LED wavelengths addresses the three main factors of hair loss to help you grow more hair, faster than other treatments.

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The right

REVIAN’s 119 medical-grade LEDs provide complete scalp coverage and precise penetration, bathing your entire scalp in powerful light and targeting the right part of your hair follicle to maximize hair growth.

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The right

When it comes to light therapy, dosage matters. Our Smart App + Wireless Cap ensures you’re getting the right dose of REVIAN’s powerful, effective LED light each and every time you treat. And in just 10 minutes-a-day.

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How does REVIAN compare?

Hair loss can be reversible with the right treatment. But to do so, you need to address the underlying problem. REVIAN RED’s dual wavelength technology releases nitric oxide and targets the three main pathogenic factors known to be associated with androgenetic alopecia: reduced blood flow, inflammation, and elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

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The Right Wavelengths

When it comes to what causes hair loss, experts have identified three main culprits: Inflammation, low blood flow, and DHT. For years it wasn’t possible to address all three of these factors in one convenient and easy-to-use treatment… until REVIAN RED.

REVIAN’s precise combination of red (660nm) and orange (620nm) LED wavelengths work together to feed your follicles with the right light – keeping them healthy, happy, and nourished. But REVIAN’s red and orange LEDs do something lasers and other treatments simply cannot: REVIAN blocks DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that causes your hair follicles to miniaturize and eventually close up. Hair becomes thinner and more brittle, and this eventually leads to hair loss.

Only REVIAN allows you to address all three factors of hair loss to grow more hair and maximize growth.

The Right Coverage

REVIAN’s scientists could have chosen any light for our Hair Growth System. After extensive research and testing, here’s why:

LEDs provide better scalp coverage with deeper penetration than laser-only products.

It all has to do with light delivery. REVIAN’s LED’s emit overlapping cones of light that evenly bathe your scalp for complete coverage of every single hair follicle. (You want to grow all the hair on your head, right?) Lasers, on the other hand, emit tightly focused beams and only hit discrete spots on the scalp.

And the superiority of LEDs doesn’t stop there. REVIAN’s LEDs penetrate more deeply than lasers and are uniquely calibrated to deliver the right light penetration exactly where you need it for maximum hair growth.

The Right Dose

There is a reason why doctors prescribe medicine the way they do. Too much is harmful and too little can be ineffective. Our team of scientists discovered the exact dosage that gives you the “Just Right” amount of light, each time and every time to maximize hair growth.

The REVIAN Red Hair Growth System is controlled through a Smart App ensuring that you get the precise amount of the Right Light every time you treat. Just 10 minutes a day for convenient, at-home therapy.

No guessing, no worrying that you didn’t treat long enough … or too little. In fact, our clinical study showed that 10 minutes is the “just right” dose of our patented combination of LED light to grow more hair in less time than laser, chemical topicals and pills.

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REVIAN RED Hair Growth System

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