App Update – May 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce an update to the REVIAN app with security improvements, picture taking enhancements and an easier connection to REVIAN on-line support resources. Additionally, this month we are releasing a firmware update for the REVIAN RED cap that improves Bluetooth connectivity, proximity sensor performance and charging indicators.

What You Need to Do

The REVIAN app will show up as an update on your mobile device. Most devices will update automatically. In some cases you may have to go to your app settings and initiate the update. If you have any problems updating, delete the current REVIAN app from your phone and reinstall the new one from your App store. Then, just login and continue treating.

REVIAN App for iOS and Android

Both Android (1.4) and iOS (1.6) versions of our app are being updated.  Here are some of the enhancements you will see:

Onboarding Instructions

New users will see better instructions on how to register, take your initial photograph and connect to the REVIAN RED cap. Existing users will log in the same way, but a “Help me Connect” button will be available on the treatment screen if you need a little extra help.

Security Improvements

At REVIAN, we take your privacy and security seriously. As a result, we have improved user sign-up and control for better encryption of your data.  If you are a current member and have a “weak” password, the system may require you to create a stronger one. The system will guide you through this one-time process.

Enhanced Photo Taking

We have enhanced the photography process to give you better control. Depending on your device, you will be able to take wider shots, rotate and zoom into specific areas. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE PROGRESS PHOTOS TO CAPTURE YOUR RESULTS.  SEEING YOUR PROGRESS IS MOTIVATING. REVIAN WILL NOT SHARE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION OR PHOTOS.

Gallery Photo Selection

You can now change your comparison photos simply by pressing on a photo in the gallery and a and selecting an option from the menu. This will give you the ability to compare any two photos as you continue your REVIAN RED treatments. Additionally, we understand that some moments are not ideal for taking a photo. Now you can retake it within 7 days.

Help & Support

There is now a “Need Help?” bar on bottom of the slide out tray in the app. This bar connects directly into our customer support system.  It allows you to search our Knowledge Base for answers to common questions or to contact us. If you experience any bugs during your experience there are now several ways to report those to us. You can snap a picture in the app during use, shake the phone or go to settings/ Report a Bug.

Cap Firmware

Firmware is the software loaded in your cap.  Updates included:

Bluetooth Connectivity

We have streamlined the connectivity of the firmware to better align with some of the changes issued by smartphone manufacturers.  Samsung smartphone user should see the greatest improvements.

Proximity Sensor

We have increased the sensitivity of the forehead sensor in your cap. This enhancement allows it to be further away from your head during treatment and still activate. This will help with loose fitting caps or when unintentionally losing contact when leaning back against an object like a chair or pillow.

Blue Light Indicator

We have heard from many of you that the charging lights going out when the cap is fully charged is confusing and has led some users to believe that their cap was not charging, when in fact it was already fully charged. This new update will change the fully charged indication to a slow 4 second on, then 4 second off pulsing cycle. The on/off blue light every 4 seconds will tell you your cap is fully charged.

We believe that these improvements will make treatments easier and more enjoyable.

As always, if you have any problems with either software update or getting connected, please do not hesitate to contact us at support.

Customer Support: 919.229.4640

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